Holding patents in 7 countries, Aerocon Panel is ideal solution for dry walls and partitions. This innovative green product is poised to revolutionize building construction, taking it to a whole new level.

Kshamadevi Building Materials has the authorized dealership for selling Aerocon Panel in Nepal. This illustrates our commitment to deal with the trusted and reputed products only.

They are sandwich panels, made of two Fibre Reinforced Cement facing sheets, on either sides of lightweight concrete core. The core is made from a mix of Portland cement and binders. Aerocon’s panel has a tongue and grove jointing system that facilitates rapid construction with minimum effort.

Properties Thickness
  50mm 75mm
Weight Per sq.m (Kg) 39 54
Axial Load/m width(KN/m) 53 83
Bending Test
Kg/m2                                       2.9m span 66 95
1.5 m span 198 265
Flexural strength/modules(kg/cm2) 58
Thermal Conductivity (w/M Deg. K) 0.22 0.21
Sound Transmission co-efficient(DB) 33 36
Fire rating(minutes) 60 120
Surface spread of flame* Class I
Fire Propagation Index(I)* 3.7
Ignitability* No

1. Saving

  • Cost: Light- weight, therefore results in structural saving up to 20%
  • Time: 10 -20 times faster to construct
  • Labour: Pre-cured and ready-to- use, therefore eliminates on -site curing

2. Strength

  • Long-Lasting: Cement-based panels
  • High Axial compression and bending strength: Can build load-bearing structures

3. Space

  • Thinner walls: provides additional carpet area up to 5%

4. Sustainable

  • Save resources: Cement and sand are not required
  • Reusable: The unique tongue and groove joint makes it easy to uninstall
  • Eco-friendly: Use of fly ash

5. Safe

  • Fire: Highly resistant
  • Weather: Can withstand adverse conditions
  • Termite and water-resistant: Doesn’t permit the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Toxic emissions: None