Rapid Business Developement

The establishment of Kshamadevi International Private Limited in 2062 BS (2005 AD) became the first footstep towards achieving the grand vision of supplying every construction related materials in Nepal under one roof- ‘Kshamadevi Group’.

The primary nature of Kshamadevi International Pvt. Ltd. was to import the garment products. Soon, it spread its business in other areas like electrical goods.That period certainly helped us tonot only understand the needs of domestic market and its complexities, but also the opportunities and threats of doing business of trading nature.

Kshamadevi Building Materials Pvt. Ltd. was established in the Ashwin of 2068 B.S (October 13,2011 AD) with focus on providing UPVC doors and windows. Within a short span of a year, we were already successful in establishing good market presence and in 2069 BS (2012 AD) established Kshamadevi Construction Solution Pvt. Ltd.

As the vision was to supply every construction related materials from under one roof, KshamadeviAluminium Profile Pvt. Ltd. got established in 2070 BS (2013 AD). Then, in 2072 BS (2015 AD) Kshamadevi Interior Pvt. Ltd. came into existence.

With the possession of all key resources such as strong network, required capital position, huge supply capacity and highly experienced manpower in related field, we were all set to reach new heights. As a result, in 2073 BS (2016 A.D) Kshamadevi Light house Pvt. Ltd. started serving in a yet different dimension of housing needs. Meanwhile, Kshamadevi Hardware materials and sanitary materials are soon set to be launched.

We are always concerned on bringing new and better products almost every year to address the market needs. With that in mind, we have set a new vision of opening a mart containing the complete construction needs.

With this rate of growth and development, we are certain that we are best positioned for dealing with every kind of complexities that may arise in the process and accomplishing our mission.