About Us

Kshamadevi Group was founded in 2005 AD. The company took its name on the reference of highly respectful and popular temple from Sindupalchowk District.

Kshamadevi is a group of diverse companies committed for fulfilling complete construction solution needs. Our services and products range from aluminum products, UPVC products, hardware materials, construction services and interior decoration to lighting materials. We are mainly a trading company that imports various products from foreign countries and supplies them to the Nepali market as per its necessity.

With a team of people having extensive experience in the related field, strong financial position, availability of resources to supply all over the country, and establishment of strong networks with various stakeholders, Kshamadevi group is undoubtedly establishing itself as the most trustworthy corporation in the market. It has both desire and capacity for solving entire construction related requirements of customers from all over the country.